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Music Fuels Inspiration

Currently working on a few projects but I'd like to address one specifically.  

I am in the process of creating a collage of moments that I have captured during weddings and various other events that I've shot. The key thing driving this project is the music track.  

If I think of movies I've loved, music always plays a big part in the film. Sideways, 500 Days of Summer, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Juno, etc. All of these films not only consist of great cinematography, storytelling, directing, and performances but soundtracks as well. Let's face it, visuals without music can stand on their own but music certainly spices things up and in most cases, brings a project together.  

Take a listen to this incredible instrumental track that I had the fortune of coming across while surfing SoundCloud! This musician is from Finland and I'm obsessed with most of VAPPU's tracks. This person creates some beautiful music.