For The Bride To Be

Every time we post a tutorial on how to do your own wedding makeup, the question invariably arises: does this have SPF? What is the best SPF makeup for wedding photos? And will SPF ruin my wedding pictures? The short answer is—if you’re getting married outside during the daytime, it won’t. SPF is only a problem with flash photography. But beyond that general takeaway, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of understanding how the problem with SPF and flash really shakes out. Save for some conflicting YouTube videos, I have yet to find a conclusive test of this phenomenon. (I mean, I guess most of the time you’re probably not that worried about how you’re to be photographed when you leave the house? Go figure.)

A few weeks ago, we set out to demystify the connection between SPF foundation and wedding photography. We bought a handful of foundations with varying levels of SPF (from none, all the way to SPF 55), at varying price points (from drugstore stuff to the more pricey Sephoragoods). And Jillian West, former APW sponsor turned vintage shop owner, agreed to be our gracious guinea pig.