DJI OSMO...Patiently I Wait For This New Gimbal Tool!

I went back and forth on whether or not to buy this and finally I decided to pull the trigger! Now B&H Photo holds my OSMO captive! I'm being hyperbolic, it's on backorder but patience has never been my thing. 

I've heard great things about those lucky enough to have had an Osmo on hand before the rest of the world and then there are the naysayers. I obviously have no room to talk as of now but I know I'm not expecting RED quality footage since I will be using the Zenumuse X3 Camera that comes onboard.  

My plan is to use this as a B Roll camera for those pretty sweeping shots or long takes while brides stroll through those pretty shady glens. One of the biggest reasons for this purchase is to not stress myself out with Merlins or Ronins or whatever other sophisticated high priced gimbal tools are out there.

All in all, I'm excited about this new tool coming my way!

....I should grab a Snickers.